Using IBM’s XL Compilers

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As you have probably already discovered, the HPC@Mines super computer named Energy (mc2), is quite different from any other computer you have probably been around in recent years.  This is largely due to the fact that it uses a different kind of processors or architecture, a different processor that requires a different compiler.

The Machine is a Blue Gene Q, which uses a specially custom built by IBM Power PC processor.

To build programs on the Blue Gene Q, we will use the IBM XL and the GNU based compilers.
The XL compilers have an increased potential to produce more highly optimized code, since they were designed for this architecture.
The GUN compilers might be easier to use when you are compiling for

FOR GNU Compiling on Mc2

Before using the GNU compilers you will need to load two modules using the following commands:

module load PrgEnv/gcc/gcc-4.4.6.bgq
module load PrgEnv/MPI/gcc/gcc.bgq

Man Pages:

Several important man pages are not in you path by default. You may want to add the following lines to the end of your .bashrc file to enable additional man pages.

export MANPATH=`manpath`
module load useman

MPI and Serial Compiler List

Some compiler optimization notes

xlf (Fortran Compiler) References:

xlc (C Compiler) References:

Slurm (Scheduler)

  • Slurm main documentation page includes:
    • List of common Slurm commands and their uses
    • A Rosetta Stone of Slurm commands to other schedulers
    • A few HPC@CSM specific commands

More CSM BGQ Compile and Run Examples:



Other Blue Gene Q installs

FFT Links:

  1. P3dFFT build tests

Blue Gene Consortium:

  1. Blue Gene Consortium

Blue Gene Ported applications