File System Usage Information

File System Names and Usage

  • Home: Home directories have a low quota. (Primary use is system files)
  • Scratch: Scratch directories will be purged regularly, more unstable. (Good for dumping large input and output files)
  • Bins: Bins directories are a special file system designed for holding programs.  (Good for storing source and binary files, not input files)

File System Quotas

 $SCRATCH$HOME + $BINS (Combined Total)
BlueM2,000,000 Files20 GBs
Mio2,000,000 Files20 GBs

Note: Most Unix style file systems will see a performance decrease as the number of files per directory increases, this will only be noticeable as the number of files per directory gets into the hundreds or thousands.

Getting Around the Various File Systems

  • When you login to aun or mc2 you will see that your have the directories:
    On aun:
    bins scratch mc2
    On mc2:
    bins scratch aun
  • When you login to bluem you will see a directory remote that contains:
    bins home scratch
    bins home scratch

The subdirectories in remote on bluem are links to the directories on AuN and Mc2. You can copy files to AuN and Mc2 by doing a copy to these subdirectories.

Scratch is shared across the platforms. This is where runs should be done, not in your home directory. The bins directory is distinct on the two machines. Files created in bins on mc2 are not in bins on aun. The bins directory is where you should store applications that you build.

The mc2 directory on aun is a link to your home directory on mc2 and the aun directory on mc2 is the reverse.