BlueM Main Page

BlueM was installed in the Summer of 2013.  It has many features including its 154 tera flops compute capacity and 17.4 terabytes of RAM.

BlueM is a little bit different type of super computer than most people have used before because it has two distinct computing partitions.  You can find more information on the BlueM General Information Page, but the take away is that one partition, Golden (SSH name:, is a more typical architecture using Intel processors and the other partition, Energy (SSH name:, is a cutting edge, specially built Blue Gene Q computer by IBM.  Both of these partitions share a common file system and together are know as BlueM (SSH name:

Getting to Know BlueM

Getting Started Using BlueM

Running on BlueM, whether on the Golden or Energy side, is actually very similar.  First follow the steps on the First Run page for getting onto the machine and then from there the General Quickstart Guide is the exact same as for running on the general compute nodes on Mio.