This page is intended to be a central launching point for the High Performance Computing projects at CSM. It contains links to the the Golden Energy Computing Organization (GECO), along with its hardware Ra.mines.edu, and the Mio project and machine.

Golden Energy Computing Organization The Golden Energy Computing Organization was founded to be a focal point of Energy research using high performance computing (HPC) at Mines. GECO is a recognition that energy research has been the primary cycle consumer of HPC on campus. At the founding of GECO Mines acquired the high performance computing machine, RA.Mines.Edu, to bring a new dimension of capability to research in the energy sciences and to be a hub for computational inquiries aimed at the discovery of new ways to meet the energy needs of our society.

Mio The machine Mio.mines.edu represents a new concept in computing at CSM. Mio is a shared resource funded in part by the CSM Administration and in part by money from individual researchers. Mio came on line March 2010. Initially was a relatively small cluster dedicated to a single group of research projects. We expect that Mio will quickly grow in to a supercomputing class machine.

The Mio concept is simple. CSM funds provide the infrastructure discussed above and individual professors purchase compute nodes that are added to the cluster. The professors own their nodes, that is, they have exclusive access when they need them. When they are not in use by the owners the nodes are available for use by others.


CSM's newest HPC platform in BlueM. Blue specifications are:

Teraflop rating154 teraflops. (Roughly 7xRA)
Memory17.4 terabytes
Disk480 terabytes

One of the unique characteristics of this machine is its small footprint both in physical size and low energy usage. It will require only 85 kW. The new machine occupies a total of five racks, requiring only 3 compute racks, a management rack, and a file system rack.

BlueM is also unique in configuration. It contains two independent compute partitions that share a common file system. The combined compute partitions and their file system will be know collectively as BlueM.

The two partitions are built using different architectures. The first partition, known as Mc2 (Energy), runs on an IBM BlueGene Q (BGQ). The second partition, known as Aun (Golden), uses the iDataplex architecture. Each of the architectures is optimized for a particular type of parallel application.

BlueM Allocation Request The Golden Energy Computing Organization (GECO) has issued a call for proposals for requesting computing time on the CSM supercomputing resource, BlueM. Requests for time will be via a web form found at http://petra.mines.edu/proposal.

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