Feb. 26, 2014 AuN MC2 file system mounted on BlueM

The AuN/Mc2 file system is now mounted on bluem.mines.edu. That is, you can "see" the file system for AuN and Mc2 directly from Bluem. This allows for moving files to AuN and Mc2 by copying them to the appropriate directories on Bluem.

If you login to Bluem you will notice a subdirectory "remote" in your home directory. For example:

[joeuser@bluem ~]$ ls
bin  fuse  remote  stuff  tmp

The directory remote currently contains:

[joeuser@bluem remote]$ ls
aun  mc2

The directories aun and mc2 contain links to the remote Aun/Mc2 file system:

[joeuser@bluem remote]$ ls aun
bins  home  scratch
[joeuser@bluem remote]$ ls mc2
bins  home  scratch
[joeuser@bluem remote]$ 

These are links to the bins, home, and scratch directories on AuN and Mc2. Note that AuN and Mc2 have separate bins and home directories but scratch is shared. That is ~remote/aun/scratch and ~remote/mc2/scratch are in fact the same directory.

To copy a file to your home directory on AuN you can copy it to ~remote/aun/home on bluem. For example to scp a file "parallel.f90" from mio to AuN you can:

[joeuser@mio ~]$ scp parallel.f90 bluem:~/remote/aun/home

There is a convenance script /opt/utility/scpath that will return the fully qualified "scp" path for a file. For example running the command in the "scratch" directory on the file afile.f90 we get:

[joeuser@bluem scratch]$ /opt/utility/scpath afile.f90

This string can be used to do an scp "pull" of this file from a remote machine. For example on mio we would enter:

[joeuser@mio ~]$ scp joeuser@bluem:/u/pa/ru/joeuser/remote/mc2/scratch/afile.f90 .

Note that the /opt/utility/scpath can return the path for a directory. This can be used to push a collection of files to a directory.