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Questions about running on any CSM HPC platform should be directed to:

Your accounts on BlueM, Aun, and Mc2, have been activated. BlueM is the frontend machine for AuN (Intel based machine) and Mc2 (Blue Gene).

The address for BlueM is It is accessible directly on campus via ssh.

It is accessible off campus by using VPN with ssh. See for VPN information. Please read the "Tips & Tricks” section of this page before installing.

We are currently in the process of bringing up new High Performance Computing web pages. At this time will redirect to the new pages at after 10 seconds. The old web pages can be found at

The page contains a hardware description for BlueM. is a quick start guide for running on all of CSM HPC platforms. This includes

How to get accounts
A line to using SSH from Linux/OSX and Windows
A cut/paste guide for running jobs on AuN and Mc2

BlueM is a Linux based machine. You need to be familiar with how to "get around" on a Linux platform. That is, you are expected to have a comprehension of the first 50 pages of the "Linux for HPC" guide at

Additional important links include available indirectly off of this page include:

*Setting up tunnels for easy ssh and file transfers
*CSM HPC blog An archive of messages about CSM's HPC platforms.

Accounting is done for all runs on BlueM. That is, any parallel run must be "charged" to a particular account. You can see the accounts you are authorized to use by running the following command on either AuN or Mc2.

sacctmgr list association cluster=mc2 user=$LOGNAME format=User,Account%20

This will return a list of your accounts. You can then see the association between your account number and your project title by running the following command, replacing ACCOUNT_NUMBER with the values from the previous command.

sacctmgr list Association account=ACCOUNT_NUMBER cluster=mc2 format=User,Account%20

You can charge to a particular account by adding the following line to your batch script:


Please note that the "none" account is not a valid account and cannot be used to run jobs.

Questions about running on any CSM HPC platform should be directed to:

Updated Oct. 8, 2014